Send your latest Contact Information to all your Contacts from one place

One click and everyone knows how to reach you
Zero clicks for owning the perfect address book

Laziness pays off

Manage your own contact information in one place and automatically send a notification to your friends, colleagues and other persons anytime when you change your contact information. Receiving notifications does not require a registration of your contacts.

Secure & Confidential

We do not and never will sell or give away your contact information. The only persons who will see your contact information are the ones you are explicitly adding to your personal contact list. All website traffic is completely encrypted, passwords are hashed multiple times.

Laziness pays off even more

Of course you can benefit from being notified too. Search for other registered users by their email address and build a list of mutually-approved contacts. You'll receive update notifications then from any of your approved contacts. Furthermore you are automatically granted the permission to view their contact information like in a perfectly curated address book.

No duplicates & no merging

Pulling in contact information from multiple sources often leads to duplicates and requires complex and error-prone merging in the background. Leansync acts as a single source of truth. Who else than any of your contacts would know better the latest (and correct) state of their contact information ? So let them update their contact information in your contact list when it's needed.

Sync'ed Google Contacts

Registered contacts in your contact list can trigger a transfer of their contact details into your Google account. By using separate and dedicated contact entries in your Google account your existing Google Contacts entries will not be touched.

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