Privacy Policy

There's nothing more important than having a sane privacy policy and keeping your contact information safe. This is more important to us than anything else because our biggest asset are our users. We are 100% committed to protect your personal information.

  • We never give away or sell information about your name, email address or any provided contact information to any third party except to other users which you explicitly grant access.
  • We protect all contact information and user accounts with reasonable effort (encrypted communication, hashed account passwords, application permission schemes)
  • Creation of connection requests need to be explicitly initiated by the requester and connection requests must be explicitly granted by the recipient.
  • By using the opt-out feature on the settings page you may delete your account at any time. Opting-out will result in a complete deletion of all your personal information.

If you have any complaints - we would love to hear from you what you think. Otherwise feel free to sign up on the registration page.

Terms of Service

Registration and use of the provided service is free until further notice and during the beta phase. Free registrations are life-time valid and without charge. This service is provided as is and without warranty so use it on your own risk. We recommend performing a backup of your contacts if you plan to synchronize with your Google account.